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Home Care Packages: What Fees Are Involved?

Your contributions to the home care package will depend on your individual financial situation.

The costs associated with a home care package are split into three groups, being:

the basic daily fee and

the income-tested fee.

The Basic Daily Fee

The Government sets the basic daily fee for home care packages.

This fee is calculated as a percentage of the single person fortnightly basic age pension rate.

The Government ask that home care package consumers contribute to their care, at the rates below.

As at 1 July 2019, the basic daily fee for each level of home care package are as follows: Level 1: $9.44

Level 2: $9.99

Level 3: $10.27

Level 4: $10.54

This fee is not compulsory and your chosen home care provider may not charge this fee.

The Income Tested Fee

This is an additional contribution on top of the basic daily fee which only applies to people with higher incomes that earn over a set threshold. These incomes can include shares/overseas pensions/superannuations/investment properties etc

You may need to complete an Income Assessment Form and lodge this with Centrelink to determine if you need to pay this extra fee or not.

If you are a full pensioner (e.g. aged pension), you will not be asked to pay this additional fee and are not required to complete an income assessment, as the Government already knows your level of income.

If you are deemed as requiring to pay an income tested fee, a letter will be sent to you to inform you of the amount that you will need to contribute towards your care. This letter will also be sent to your chosen home care provider.

Income tested fees are compulsory and are required to be paid direct to your home care provider.

Your income tested fee will then become a pro rata portion of your home care package, meaning that you will pay your portion, the Government will pay the rest.

If you are unsure if this fee applies to you, talk to My Aged Care about your financial situation when you call them to apply for a home care package and they will tell you if you need to complete an income assessment or not.

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